The Best DSLR You Can Buy


For you photographers out there, there have been a ton of cameras to come out this last year. By far, the one that we’ve found to be the most impressive is the Nikon D7100.

We take a lot into account for determining these reviews. Features, usability, image quality and especially price point are the top considerations that we take into account. Believe us when we say that you can drop a lot of money really fast on a camera that’s not really up to delivering. Maybe its missing features (more common than you think) or maybe the image quality is not up to par (this is the ultimate goal really with any camera). So with that out of the way – here’s why we like the D7100.

First of all the price is right. At $1200 street value, this camera packs an amazing amount of features into a great package. Its compatible with just about every Nikon lens. Its also light weight and feels great to shoot on. The image quality is outstanding – particularly in low light. In fact the low light performance is about the best we’ve seen on any camera in this price range.

Sure there are more expensive cameras by Nikon. This one is “just right” as Goldilocks once said.

Go ahead and compare the features for yourself and read the reviews. I think you’ll agree that the Nikon D7100 is a top contender for camera of the year.

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