Best RDA Contender for 2014

Plume Veil RDA

This year there have been some really innovative offerings in the world of RDA’s (rebuildable dripping atomizers). We’ve seen some new, unique designs as well as some really interesting re-interpretations of classic and conventional setups. There have been adjustments to airflow and coil placements. Some RDA’s lean more toward flavor and some lean more toward vapor production and performance.

There have been a few, however that have transcended both. One of the best RDA that we’ve found is the Plume Veil RDA from Aethertech. This is a really unique design based on a classic build. Its one of the best that we’ve found in terms of both flavor and performance – this device is seriously outstanding.

The Plume Veil starts with the traditional 3 post setup. The center post, however, features a rotating block with 2 connections. The rotation accomodates fancy builds that you can get creative with. The Plume Veil also features a 24k gold deck and posts. This is done for maximum conductivity as gold is an excellent material for keeping this atty hitting hard.

But the real innovation comes with the Plume Veil in its air flow design. There are 3 different sets of air ports on this RDA. You have the traditional location of air flow (with control) on the sides of the RDA. THEN you have another pair of air flow ports in the base of the deck. These air holes flow into the bottom of the center posts. And finally you’ve got 5 air flow holes (in the latest version 1.5) in the top of the top cap. These are adjustable by twisting the drip tip. This causes the inner piece of the top cap to raise and lower. This does 2 things: it decreases the size of the chamber and it also opens up the top air flow holes which create a vacuum like suction and add to the air flow.

This is one of the nicest RDA’s we’ve seen this year. They are extremely limited in avilability, but they are amazing. Check out the review of the Plume Veil and other contenders for Best RDA of 2014 on IronMouth for more details:

Electronic Cigarettes 101

best electronic cigarette

One of the great things about technology is how it helps us in our everyday lives. This also includes improving on bad habits that we’ve picked up over the years. Smoking is out – this has been the trend for sometime. If you’ve not kicked the habit yet – many are kicking it using the latest electronic cigarette technology which is also referred to as vaping.

The technology around this is still pretty new, so sometimes its difficult when searching for the best electronic cigarette being made at the moment. As you might have seen, a great way to start is with a kit. I’d recommend trying a kit as its got everything you need to start with. You really need 2 batteries and a charger and even a couple of juice tanks to keep things interesting. Kits will supply you with all of this and you really need to make sure you’ve got everything in order to not have excuses to go back to tobacco.

Vaping gives you the same satisfaction and feel of a cigarette but instead of chemically enhanced tobacco smoke, you’re inhaling flavored water vapor. Its completely free of the toxins and carcinogens that provide obvious health risks, but you still get the feel of smoking.

E-juice also comes in varying amounts of nicotine which allows you to dial back manually and finally kick the habit. Give the e-cig a shot and see if you can say goodbye to Tobacco for good!

A Look At The New Vamo

I recently stumbled across a wonderful Vamo V5 review. Honestly I’ve never actually owned one of these, but I think I might actually order one. If you haven’t seen a Vamo – its an amazing variable voltage/variable wattage mod that accepts 1860 and 18350 batteries. There is an extension tube depending on your battery configuration. The thing is dead simple to use. It features only 3 buttons. The top two turn the power up and down and the third button fires the unit. The two top buttons control either voltage or wattage depending on what mode you have the unit set in.

Vamo V5 review

This vapor mod is extremely popular and its easy to see why. The screen is horizontal – not vertical like you see on most units. This means you can read it no matter how you’re holding it. The two extra buttons provide an amazing amount of control with a minimal interface. Once you have the unit setup, you’re pretty much good to go without having to dig back through the menus.

The two “up and down” buttons also serve secondary functions. You can hold down the button on the left for a few seconds and you’ll see the remaining battery power. Hold the left button down and you’ll see the resistance of the coil you have attached.

Amazingly simple unit at a low price. I’m off to order mine! Anyway – check out the rest of the review:

The Best DSLR You Can Buy


For you photographers out there, there have been a ton of cameras to come out this last year. By far, the one that we’ve found to be the most impressive is the Nikon D7100.

We take a lot into account for determining these reviews. Features, usability, image quality and especially price point are the top considerations that we take into account. Believe us when we say that you can drop a lot of money really fast on a camera that’s not really up to delivering. Maybe its missing features (more common than you think) or maybe the image quality is not up to par (this is the ultimate goal really with any camera). So with that out of the way – here’s why we like the D7100.

First of all the price is right. At $1200 street value, this camera packs an amazing amount of features into a great package. Its compatible with just about every Nikon lens. Its also light weight and feels great to shoot on. The image quality is outstanding – particularly in low light. In fact the low light performance is about the best we’ve seen on any camera in this price range.

Sure there are more expensive cameras by Nikon. This one is “just right” as Goldilocks once said.

Go ahead and compare the features for yourself and read the reviews. I think you’ll agree that the Nikon D7100 is a top contender for camera of the year.

Taking The Next Step

Vaping is certainly the single best thing that’s ever impacted my life. I know that sounds dramatic, but it helped me to quit smoking. Ever since I found a wonderful resource for vapor mods, I have literally saved my life… well hopefully. I was a 20 year smoker and that does take its toll, but I can tell you personally I feel better already and I feel like a new man.

Smoking is terrible. So I’m on the other side now. 10 weeks and counting. Let me tell you what changes I’ve noticed.

vapor mods resource

First of all I feel better. I have much more energy through the day and I’m not at a big low at about 1 pm right after lunch. I used to just want to do nothing but sleep at my desk. I can now get through the entire day just fine. This is the biggest difference for me. Seriously – I had no idea how bad I felt as a smoker until I quit.

Second of all my complexion is better. I’ve actually had people at work tell me I look good! I don’t really but I must have looked awful before if people are really noticing.

Beyond that, I don’t cough all day. I don’t have heartburn and I sleep better at night. Vaping is completely differne than smoking and its all the difference in the world. I have acid reflux quite bad and smoking made it almost unbearable. I had no idea that smoking had such an effect on this until I actually quit. Vaping on the other hand has no effect on this at all. Sure – I can’t eat citrus type foods like tomato sauce and not expect to feel the heartburn when I go to bed, but believe me – it was bad. One cigarette and I’d have an awful night.

Vaping has not only saved my life, but its improved it as well.

Get a starter kit today. Quit smoking. You won’t miss it and you’ll thank me some day.


Support CASAA

If you’re not familiar with CASAA, its an abbreviation for The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association. This is the premiere consumer organization that is standing up for the rights of vapers and e-cigarette users globally.

Why do we need such an organization? Its extremely important. Basically your rights to vape are currently being challenged. They’re not backed by any evidence and they are mixed with a lot of specialization, myth and fear-mongering. Sound like politics? Well you are right.

Basically you have big tobacco companies. For years they’ve been allowed to sell a product to consumers with “God-knows-what” chemicals inside to the tune of literally trillions of dollars. They’ve been slapped with fines and lawsuits but they survive quite profitably. Why? Because their product is addictive.

Suppliments to quit smoking are governed by strict laws and taxes as well. This is also big business.

But a few years ago we saw the invention of the e-cig, vaporizor, PV, whatever you want to call it. Vaping is a low-risk alternative to smoking which many people are switching to.

Cigarettes have over 600 ingredients of which many are cancer causing. Vaping uses e-juice which contains 3 ingredients that are harmless plus nicotine.

Nicotine is a drug, no question. It can lead to problems such as high blood pressure. But it is not exactly deadly. Many vapers have switched and have completely stopped smoking cigarettes.

However to this point in time, no formal testing has actually been done with e-cigarettes. We simply have no formal medical evidence.

CASSA is trying to change this and they are one of the few defenders to your right to reduced risk alternative to tobacco.

The government would love to tax the hell out of e-cigarettes and regulate their use. This begins with striking fear into people who don’t know better. Support CASSA, they may be our only hope.